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Get Your Fall Fix: The Best Hard Ciders on the Market

the best hard cider


Wachusett Liquors
September 21st, 2016 2:25PM

Fall is in the air, which means a bottle of hard cider is probably in your hand. Hard cider is one of the best, if not the best, drink for fall because it’s a great way to mix up your beer repertoire. So what do we recommend you try this Fall? Here are some of our favorite hard ciders on the market.

Square Mile: The Original: We’re kicking it off with this hard-to-resist, classic apple cider. It’s made from three different apples – Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, and Johnny Gold – bringing a tasty balance of sweetness and dryness. We call it a “classic” due to its clean, refreshing finish reminiscent of the apples you picked when you were a kid.

Downeast Cider Original Blend*: Based out of Boston, Downeast uses freshly-pressed Maine apples (Red Delicious, McIntosh, Cortland, and Gala) for this tasty cider. After undergoing hundreds of test batches, the Original Blend became the foundation. Downeast also offers seasonal flavors such as Maple Blend and Pumpkin Blend.
(*carried in store)

Far From the Tree: Nova*: Brewed out of Salem, MA, this is an off-dry, hopped cider. It blends Galaxy, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops to achieve a combination of pine, grapefruit and passion fruit. Mixed along with apples only from Massachusetts, this is a unique yet successful cider.
(*carried in store)

Crispin: The Saint: Fresh-pressed Washington and Oregon pears make up this cider. If you taste a hint of maple, here’s why: it’s naturally fermented with Belgian Trappist Yeast and smoothed with pure maple syrup. There is also a hint of molasses. All in all, it has a finish of spice and maple, which is perfect for the season.

Ace Pineapple Cider*: A pineapple cider? Crazy, right? Not quite. This cider is a good change of pace if you’re apple-d out. It has a semi-sweet initial taste with hints of apple and a tart finish. If you’re looking for something different from your usual cider, try this tropical one.
(*carried in store)

Stormalong Dry Hop Cider*: Stormalong, located out of Sherborn, MA, presents an intense hoppy cider balanced with smooth aromas. Whole cone citra hops are the main focus in this cider. You’ll get hints of citrus and tropical fruit overtones. IPA fans, keep an eye out for this one.
(*carried in store)

Shacksbury Farmhouse: This cider was inspired by saison beer and rose wine. It’s lightly sweet body mixed with a background of tartness. Its dry finish gives it an earthy taste. This is a stellar cider that has a more distinguished feel in comparison to others given its roots in wine.

Woodchuck Gumption*: We can’t talk about cider without mentioning Woodchuck. They are a staple in the hard cider community. While they have plenty of ciders on the market, their Gumption is spectacular. It combines the juice of common apples with the bittersweet juice of cider apples, leaving it with a sweet apple taste upfront and a dry finish.
(*carried in store)

The amount of hard cider on the market has been exponentially growing. Wachusett Liquors is always expanding its cider offerings to meet the demands of cider lovers. Customers can expect to find a new selection on a regular basis. If you’re curious to see what Wachusett has its on shelves, stop by! You might even find a new favorite to “fall” in love with.