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Our Favorite Holiday Wines

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Wachusett Liquors
November 30th, 2016 2:20PM

With so many end of year events to attend, most people are looking for a great bottle of wine to pick up and bring with them to their next party. There is an abundance of choices so you’ll want to make sure you pick up the right one. Impress your friends, family, and co-workers with a tasty wine that will be a great addition to any party this holiday season.


Play it safe by pairing your Merlot with almost any classic holiday meal. Because most merlots are medium bodied, they also tend to pair well with dishes that are richly sauced, including fish dishes, steak, and casseroles.

For a classic Merlot, try the Emmolo 2012 Napa Valley Merlot. With flavors of plum and cocoa, this is a soft and rich wine. It has a earthy character and a smoky finish, making it a great, affordable wine when you’ve spent too much money on presents.

Pinot Noir

The grapes used for Pinot Noir are difficult to grow, making this wine range in flavor from fruity to floral. Despite their varied flavor, pinot noirs are versatile and can pair with a wide variety of ethnic dishes and classic cuisines. Pinot noir pairs particularly well with duck, fowl, and mushrooms. Make sure to pour yourself a glass if there’s chocolate for dessert.

The Etude 2013 Pinot Noir is smooth with an aroma of raspberry and pomegranate. It has a pleasant amount of spice to balance out the fruitiness.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a hugely popular wine, so it’s an excellent go-to if you’re unsure what type of wine to pick up for a party. Because of its acidity, cabernet sauvignon can be overwhelming by itself. Pair it with a hearty meal, like beef, braised dishes, risotto, or short ribs, and you can’t go wrong.

Jordan 2012 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is soft and smooth, but at the same time won’t break the bank for your next holiday party.


Is ham or lamb on the menu this holiday season? How about a hearty meal in general? Pair it with Zinfandel. With a bold taste, the primary flavors are usually jam, blueberry, black pepper, and licorice. Expect spice to follow with a tobacco-like smoky finish.

With flavors of cherry and bold aromas of spice and mocha, Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi is rich and pleasant to drink while enjoying the company of friends and family.


Moscato is a white wine that has become hugely popular in recent years. It’s sweet, low in alcohol, and easy to drink. It’s perfect for sipping by itself but can also pair it with spicy foods, cheese, or salty foods like ham. Because it’s become such a fan-favorite, don’t be surprised to see it at your next holiday party if you’re not the one who brings it.

Not only will your friends be happy you brought moscato, but they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the unique taste of La Serra 2015 Moscato D’asti. This sweet and tasty wine will be a holiday party hit, even before dessert is ready.


New Year’s is right around the corner and that calls for celebration. Nothing says celebration like knocking that old bat Aunt Gertrude out with a champagne cork. You can even pretend it was an accident. And afterwards, you won’t regret pairing your cheese and appetizers with it.

One of our top choices is Nicolas Feuillatte Brut, a clean and crisp champagne with notes of apple, peach, and pear.

Ready to pick up a bottle (or two) of wine for your next holiday party? Stop by Wachusett Liquors – our inventory is always expanding!