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Not Just For Pirates: 3 Types of Rum You Have to Try This Summer

Warm weather is on the horizon, which means it’s time to break out the rum. You don’t even have to feel the sand between your toes or wear an eye patch to enjoy it (we would prefer the first one if we had to choose!) If your experience with different types of rum has been the tropical-flavored ones, you’re in for a treat. New England is home to some excellent distilleries who give major rum players a run for their money. And while you may be leaning more towards gin this summer, let’s take a look at the rums you have to try before fall is here.

Bully Boy Hub Punch

Who doesn’t like punch in the summer? Transport yourself back in time with the Bully Buy Hub Punch. Bully Boy credits politician C.H. Graves with creating the original Hub Punch in the early 1900s. The distillery honors this by recreating the original product labeling. Based out of Boston, Bully Boy combines orange, raspberry, lemon, and other botanicals to revive this relic. While the typical rum boasts a Caribbean influence, this rum has more of a Victorian style to it. You shouldn’t have a problem noticing it on the shelf.

Cocktails to try

Deacon Giles Liquid Damnation

Give “spirits” a new meaning (we couldn’t resist!) with Deacon Giles. There was no shortage of rum distilleries in colonial New England. Nowadays more people are perfecting the art of craft beer. If you want to try a New England-style rum, we highly recommend Deacon Giles Liquid Damnation. Based out of Salem, MA, Deacon Giles draws heavy influence from the historically bewitched city, both in name and design. But don’t let this spook you. Their rum starts and ends with molasses, containing hints of pepper, banana, caramel, and vanilla. Although this drink wasn’t concocted in a fiery cauldron, you might just end up spellbound by it. Learn more about the man behind the bottle.

Privateer True American

All hands on deck for this rum! Privateer takes great pride in their products, and for good reason. Named after a pirate ship during the American Revolution, their True American amber rum is easy to drink. You’ll be able to taste the molasses and brown sugar right off the bat. Take another sip and you’ll start to notice oak-y and even subtle fruity flavors. Don’t be afraid to mix this in a fruity cocktail for your next barbecue.

Cocktails to try

Think you're ready to try one of these New England rums? We have all three in our inventory, plus an entire aisle dedicated to finely-crafted rum. Gear up for summer with these excellent choices. Or, if you're looking for something else, we'll be happy to help you find it!
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