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4 Secrets to Impressing Your Wine Loving Guests

No matter the weather, a glass of wine is always welcome. Are you hosting an upcoming event? Impress your friends or significant other with these tricks of the trade.


Consider chilling wine as important as making sure that the main course is served at the proper temperature. And just like how you expect lasagna and salad to be different temperatures, so are different types of wine. A proper temperature enhances the flavor profile and experience. Sparkling wines such as champagne should be enjoyed between 40 and 50 degrees. White wines should be served between 52 and 59 degrees, while red wines should be enjoyed slightly warmer between 59 and 63 degrees. Most refrigerators are much colder than wine should be enjoyed. We recommend taking out lighter wines 30 minutes before they are served and warming up a few degrees on the counter.


You don’t need to invest a small fortune in glassware to entertain your guests. However, you should make a point to purchase two different sized glasses. We recommend investing in smaller glasses for white wines and larger glasses for heavy red wines. Size does matter when it comes to serving certain types of wine. Red wines are often served in large glasses because it allows more oxygen to come in contact with it. This enhances the flavor while you're drinking. Are you looking to up your hosting game? Consider purchasing a decanter if you love red wine. Not only will it be a conversation piece, but it also will impress your guests with an improved flavor. Decanting wine involves transferring wine from the bottle into a separate container. This increases the amount of oxygen the wine comes into contact with. This helps calm the tannins in wine, the element that makes wine taste dry.


Pouring a glass of wine isn’t that difficult, you just have to get it from the bottle to the glass, right? Well, sort of. If you’re looking to impress your guests, follow these easy steps:
  1. Remove the foil from the bottle to prevent any dripping (and to look like a pro.)
  2. Take a dish towel and wipe the opening of the bottle. This will remove any dust and debris.
  3. Hold the bottle in two hands and pour 4 or 5 ounces of wine into the glass. If you pour wine from 6 to 10 inches away, this will help the wine aerate as you pour. Once you’re at the end of your pour, gently twist the bottle to prevent dripping.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, pairing chocolate and wine together is a no brainer. Before you toss these two crowd pleasers together, we recommend you consider flavor profiles. Despite each being delicious on its own, chocolate and wine will compete for your taste buds’ attention. If you’re looking for the perfect partner for dark chocolate, we suggest selecting a deep red, fruity wine. You may be surprised to know that sweeter chocolate, such as milk chocolate, demands a sweeter wine like Moscato. Last but not least, white chocolate. While it technically isn’t considered chocolate, we believe your guests will be delighted with a pairing of sweet white wine and white chocolate. Our top picks are Riesling or champagne. Keep in mind, when you select a champagne, steer clear of drier varieties and go for a sec or demi-sec.
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