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Fall in Love With The Best Hard Ciders on the Market

This blog post was originally posted on September 21, 2016, and has been updated to reflect our inventory. Fall is in the air, which means a bottle of hard cider is probably in your hand. While you might drink it year-round (and we don't blame you for that), there's no better time than now to crack one open. Hard cider is one of the best, if not the best, drinks for fall because it's a great way to mix up your beer repertoire. So what do we recommend you try this Fall? Here are some of our favorite hard ciders on the market. All of these are available at Wachusett Wine & Spirits while supplies last!

Downeast Cider Original Blend: Based out of Boston, Downeast uses freshly-pressed Maine apples (Red Delicious, McIntosh, Cortland, and Gala) for this tasty cider. After undergoing hundreds of test batches, the Original Blend became the foundation. Downeast also offers seasonal flavors such as Maple Blend and Pumpkin Blend.

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple: This popular option is a hard-to-resist, classic apple cider. It's made from a variety of apples, such as Fuji and Granny Smith. We call it a “classic” due to its clean, refreshing finish reminiscent of the apples you picked when you were a kid.

Far From the Tree Nova: Brewed out of Salem, MA, this is an off-dry, hopped cider. It blends Galaxy, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops to achieve a combination of pine, grapefruit and passion fruit. Mixed along with apples only from Massachusetts, this is a unique yet successful cider. far from the tree nova

Citizen Cider Unified Press: New England, especially Vermont, is the home to some great cideries. Citizen Cider deserves a spot on that list. Unified Press, their flagship cider, is made from locally-sourced apples and delivers a beautifully crisp drink that we think you'll enjoy. They even offer pairings for it: pork and smoked fish are just a couple foods that will complement this cider. citizen cider unified press

Ace Pineapple Cider: A pineapple cider? Crazy, right? Not quite. This cider is a good change of pace if you’re apple-d out. It has a semi-sweet initial taste with hints of apple and a tart finish. If you’re looking for something different from your usual cider, try this tropical one.

Stormalong Legendary Dry: Stormalong, located out of Sherborn, MA, offers a crisp and delicious cider made from several different kinds of apples, including Golden Delicious, Northern Spy, and Ashton Bitter. This is Stormalong's flagship cider, so you know they stand behind it as a top-notch concoction. It is available year-round, so if you're craving it outside of the realm of Fall, you're in luck! stormalong legendary dry

Woodchuck Gumption: We can’t talk about cider without mentioning Woodchuck -- they're a staple in the hard cider community. While they have plenty of ciders on the market, Gumption is spectacular. It combines the juice of common apples with the bittersweet juice of cider apples, leaving it with a sweet apple taste up front and a dry finish. Plus, the design is eye-catching, too.

The list of excellent hard ciders doesn't stop there. At Wachusett Wine & Spirits, we're always expanding our stock of cider. Keep up with us on Untappd, follow us on Instagram, or better yet, stop by to see what we have in-store! Feel free to ask our staff for recommendations on what kind of cider would suit you best. You might even find a new favorite to "fall" in love with. Contact us today to see if we have your special something in stock! contact us

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