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5 New England Breweries You Should Know About

Narrowing down a list of our favorite New England breweries is a tall order. There are so many to choose from, all with their unique history and atmosphere. But that’s what's great about them. Each tour is as unique as their brew. If you’re curious, you can take a tour of their facilities and learn about their processes. Check out some of our favorites as you make your way into the craft beer scene.

1. Allagash

As if a tour of the Allagash Brewing Company doesn’t already sound great, it’s also free! The renowned brewery out of Portland, Maine offers free tours several times everyday. Not only that, but you can get a few free samples for simply visiting the brewery. If you want to take it a step further, you can book a Grand Cru Tour and get an in-depth look at how the brewery functions. This includes tasting beers straight from the barrels. When else do you get a chance to do that? Although the Grand Cru Tour tour isn't free, proceeds go towards an Allagash charity partner. You might recognize Allagash for their White, Black, and their newest Hoppy Table Beer. Don't have time to take a trip to Maine? We carry most of their brews in-store.

2. Harpoon

Located near the Boston waterfront, Harpoon Brewery offers tours seven days a week. The $5 tour includes a beer tasting of as many beers as you want! And, if you’re not a huge fan of beer, they also have hard cider on tap. If you make your way over to their beer hall, you can buy handmade pretzels that are boiled in their Harpoon IPA. While they may have close to 20 beers on tap, we carry their poplar Harpoon IPA and UFO White.

3. Samuel Adams

How could we not mention this classic brewery? Right in Boston, Samuel Adams offers free tours every day of the week except for Sundays. You’ll get to experience the craft brewing process and learn the history of this 30+ year old brewery. Not to mention tasting some of their famous beers. Samuel Adams also offers a “Morning Mash-In Tour,” running every morning of the week. Here, you can taste exclusive experimental brews and more. This tour is $10 on weekdays and $15 on weekends, which is a small price to pay for the experience. The Boston Lager and Rebel IPA are two popular ones that you’ll see on our shelves.

4. Jack's Abby

Jack’s Abby has been making quite the name for themselves in New England. Located in Framingham, MA, their brewery is complete with a beer hall and kitchen. From there, you can get a view of the operations. They offer free tours on Sundays, but are open all other days of the week except for Mondays. Learn about their brewing process and then get your hands (and taste-buds) on some exclusive releases. Before you take a tour, stop by Wachusett Wine & Spirits to try the House Lager and the Hoponius Union.

5. Night Shift

For a rustic, relaxed atmosphere, you’ll want to head to Night Shift Brewery out of Everett, MA. For food, there are food trucks that frequent the brewery almost every day of the week. But you can also pack your own picnic. If gourmet food trucks don’t pique your interest, then maybe a free tour will? They offer tours every day of the week, where you can learn about their facilities and equipment. Some of their well-known beers are Awake and Furth, both of which you can find on our shelves. There are dozens of New England breweries which are just a stone's throw away. While you ponder which one to check out first, get a head start by visiting Wachusett Wine & Spirits. We have a large inventory of craft beer, which is always expanding. Stop by each week to check out our new shipments.
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