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New England Craft Beer: Our Top Choices Right Now

New Englanders are lucky. We have great sports teams, great local food, and to top it off, some pretty great local craft beer. Are you looking to expand your horizons? Check out our top choices for New England craft beer and breweries.

Allagash Black

We're kicking this list off with something a little unusual. Allagash, out of Portland, ME, has 03something for lovers of Belgian beer and stouts. Allagash Black offers you the best of both worlds. It's brewed with a delicious blend of grains and caramelized sugar, creating a stout with rich tones of coffee and chocolate. And while it's available year-round, it's one of our winter staples.

Jack's Abby Hoponius Union

Sick of winter? Take a trip to the dog days of summer with Jack's Abby Hoponius Union. This India-style pale lager is brewed in our own backyard in Framingham, MA. Delight your taste buds with the hint of tropical fruit and citrusy hops. It ends with a bit of bitterness, but not too much - just enough to make you want to have another.

Night Shift Awake

Love beer and coffee? Night Shift, out of Everett, MA, blends notes of fresh roasted coffee and chocolate to create Night Shift Awake. Because it is smooth and light in taste, this porter can be enjoyed on its own or with a meal. End your cold, wintry night with this beer (or two of them).

Smuttynose Baltic Porter

Smuttynose, out of Hampton, NH, offers a porter with Russian ancestry. Their Baltic Porter is brewed with lager yeast, making it bold with flavors of coffee, dark fruit and raisins. Creamy and smooth, it has a light bitter finish to balance out the taste. Smuttynose delivers a downright delicious beer that we'll drink again and again.

Berkshire Brewing Company Coffeehouse Porter

Who's in the mood for a rich, dark ale? Berkshire Brewing Company, out of South Deerfield, MA has you covered. Founded in 1993, these guys are veterans in the craft beer scene. Their Coffeehouse Porter blends morning and night without overdoing it. The creamy taste is satisfying and is sure to be a delicious choice for fans of porters. You could take a tour of New England to experience these brews for yourself, or you can stop by Wachusett Wine & Spirits. Our inventory is always expanding. And who knows? Your new favorite craft beer might be from just around the corner.
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