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Not Your Grandma's Gin & Tonic: The Best Gin Brands

Did you know that World Gin Day is June 10th? With a holiday set on the brink of summer, it’s no secret that this spirit is fitting on sunny days. And, now that there are more gins on the market than ever before, we wanted to show our appreciation for this drink. These gin brands aren't for your grandma's gin and tonics. Don't believe that all gin doesn't taste like Christmas trees? We dare you to stop by and try out some of our favorites...


If you’re looking for something off the beaten path of classic gins, Deepwells should be at the top of your list. Boasting 28 botanicals, this gin has a potato base in the style of vodka. You’ll be able to notice the difference because you won’t get hit with that pine-y taste every sip. It’s great for warmer days due to all the different infused fruits and vegetables.

Barr Hill

“Honey, I’m home,” has a whole new meaning. Made with only two botanicals, Barr Hill proves you don’t need a ton of flavors to be delicious. Juniper is used during distillation, while the honey is added afterwards. Both take center stage and make for a well-crafted combination. We recommend all fans of honey give this sweet and floral gin a try.

Gin Lane 1751

This one is sure to catch your eye. Not only is the pink color fitting for the warmer days, the taste is too. Blended with spiced bitters, this fruity gin will keep you refreshed as you sip on this under the sun. It’s easy to drink, whether you serve it in cocktails or on the rocks. While Victoria Pink is the most popular, Old Tom Gin is a less sweet alternative worth checking out.

Death’s Door

While the name might be intimidating, this gin gives classics a run for their money. Taste those earthy notes? That’s the coriander seed coming through. As for the bitter aroma, that’s the addition of fennel seeds. Unique yet simple, this gin is enjoyable either by itself or in a cocktail. The choice is yours - and you can’t go wrong either way.

Eden Mill

One of the more progressive gins on the market, Eden Mill has a range of drinks worth your attention. From a hoppy gin to an oak gin soaked in old bourbon casks, you might find a new favorite infusion. Another noteworthy one is the pink Love Gin, which contains vanilla and floral notes. Eden Mill produces innovative concoctions that are sure to make waves (of gin) and separate themselves from their competition. More and more gin brands arise every year, but we’re confident that these five stand out among the rest. We have a whole aisle dedicated to gin and our inventory is always expanding. Come stop by, say hi, and grab yourself a bottle of gin to break out for the sunny days!
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