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Rebel Bourbon Store Pick

Rebel (Yell) Single Barrel

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the next release in our ongoing Single Barrel Store Pick program. The newest bottling is of Rebel (formerly Rebel Yell) Bourbon. Since our customers have made us the number one selling Rebel Bourbon account in the state, we couldn’t be happier to be able to offer this pick to you.

A Rebellious Past

Rebel as a brand has come a long way since its inception. It was originally created by Charlie Farnsley, a one-time Mayor of Louisville, for his own personal use and to give as gifts. It was created at the Stitzel-Weller Distillery where his uncle worked with Julian "Pappy" Van Winkle.

Rebel had a wheated mashbill like its cousin whiskies Weller and Old Fitzgerald (also made at the distillery). Eventually it would see a public release, but only regionally in the south. When Stitzel-Weller broke up, the brand was sold to United Distillers, who began to make the whiskey at their Bernheim Distillery and market it worldwide.

The brand became a favorite drink of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. Legend even says that after hanging out with Richards drinking Rebel one night, Billy Idol was inspired to write the song Rebel Yell.

United Distillers sold Bernheim to Heaven Hill and the Rebel brand to David Sherman. David Sherman became Luxco and the whiskey continued to be made for them by Heaven Hill at Bernheim. Luxco has now built Luxrow Distilley in Kentucky and are now making their own whiskey. In 2020, MGP Distillers bought Luxco, ensuring that the future of Rebel Bourbon is only going to get better.

Wachusett's Single Barrel Pick

So what makes our barrel so special? First off, since every barrel of whiskey matures differently, our Store Pick is unique to us. There has never been another barrel that has tasted exactly like ours, and there never will be.

Rebel is a “wheated” Bourbon, which means instead of the traditional Rye grain being used to flavor the bourbon, wheat is used. This is a concept believed to be conceived by Pappy Van Winkle himself. Pappy wanted to make whiskey that was pure to Kentucky, and Rye doesn’t grow there, but wheat does. He also believed that wheat held up better to aging.

The mashbill of our Rebel barrel is 68% corn, 20% wheat, and 12% barley. It is a 5 year Bourbon and will be bottled at 113 proof. On the nose it has toasty oak aromas with some vanilla and a hint of cinnamon. Once you sip it, you will get wheat bread and graham cracker flavors with a touch of coconut, then a finish of sweet vanilla. You hardly notice the alcohol content. This bourbon is a great sipper and the higher proof point makes it perfect for cocktails.

We are so excited to share this with you. To thank our customers for making us the number one Rebel store in Massachusetts, we have decided to offer anyone who pre-orders a bottle (or more) a fantastic deal. The pre-order price is going to be $34.99 a bottle. This price will only be available to customers who buy during the presale. It is the lowest price we will sell this very limited offering at. Once the bottles come in and are on the shelf in the store, we will be selling it at the full price of $39.99. And even at that price, it is still an incredible value for a one-time only whiskey of this caliber.

Rebel Single Barrel Store Pick

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