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Taste the Difference: The Best Red Wine for Any Party

Running from an errand to a dinner party? Just because you were too busy to bring a homemade gift to the party doesn't mean you can't put some thought into what you give your host. A thoughtfully chosen bottle of wine can liven up any gathering and will make you look like a connoisseur among your friends. Instead of standing cluelessly in the wine section, here's your cheat sheet to selecting the best red wine for any celebration.

Red wine is a crowd pleaser

Did you know that most people prefer red wine? In fact, according to one study by an online wine retailer, 58% of Americans prefer red wine over white. Business Insider found that people living on the coast (aka Massachusetts) have palate for red over white. Not to mention you can pair almost any type of dish with red wine. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular kinds of red wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet sauvignon is one of the most popular types of red wine in the United States and would be the perfect addition to any dinner party. It has a hearty flavor that guests may find too drying to drink on its own. You can solve this problem by letting it decant for about thirty minutes or pairing it with a meal. This wine spends the first year or two of its life aging in oak barrels, giving it hints of black cherry, currants, and herbs. Perfect for...a house warming or dinner party.


If you're heading to a gathering where there aren't too many wine connoisseurs, take along a bottle of merlot. It has a much milder flavor than a cabernet, so it's the perfect introductory to red wine. Merlot has a gentle fruit flavor. Often wine drinkers can pink up hints of berries, cherries, and plum. And if you decide that this wine is your cup of tea, it's easy to pronounce so you can confidently order it off the wine list. Perfect for...a gift or a night in with friends.

Pinot Noir

Date night wouldn't be complete without a glass or two of pinot noir. This wine has a cult-like following because each bottle takes on the flavors of the region where it was grown. The grapes used to make this wine are difficult to grow, leading to unique flavors that are light but complex. Wineries around the globe dedicate themselves to producing just pinot noir, leading to a variety of flavor profiles, ranging from very fruity to floral. Perfect night.


Zinfandel is what put California on the map when it comes to producing wine. While it's lighter in color than other red wines, it has a bold fruity flavor with a licorice finish. Keep in mind that Zinfandel has a higher alcohol content than other red wines, so be sure your festivities include a bite to eat. Because it does has a broad flavor profile, this wine pairs well with many flavors from traditional American cuisine to your favorite Asian dish. Perfect for...a potluck or gathering with several different kinds of cuisines. Not sure what the best red wine would be for your special occasion? Stop by and ask or contact us today.
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