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Perfect Wine Pairings For A Delicious Thanksgiving

Did you know that more wine is sold before Thanksgiving Day than any other holiday? Selecting a wine is difficult because of the wide variety of flavors on your Thanksgiving table. How do you pair a wine that matches tart cranberry sauce, creamy mashed potatoes, and both white and dark meat? What if you want to prepare your Thanksgiving feast with wine? Here are five tips that will help incorporate the perfect vino into your meal. Difference Between Cooking Wine and Regular Wine Cooking wine is made using grapes that are a lower quality than used when making regular wine and also contain a surprising ingredient: salt. Salt acts as a preservative that keeps the wine’s flavor from souring once it is opened and stored. Many chefs prefer to use an inexpensive regular wine because you cannot drink cooking wine, and their belief is that you should not cook with a wine you cannot serve. We agree with the chefs and recommend that you use regular wine whenever possible to get the best tasting dish. Are you looking for a side dish to make with some leftover wine, try this Red Wine Cranberry Sauce or try adding a splash when cooking your turkey. Perfect Pairings Remember that you’re not limited to serving only one wine at your dinner table. You can switch it up based on people’s personal preferences or based on the dish you’d like to sit center-stage. Here are some of our favorite picks for any palate.
  • Conversation-Starter. Whether you're hosting the event or you're just attending the soiree, you'll want a great way to get the party started. Pop a cork, and let the good times roll! Champagne is a fantastic conversation starter. Here’s two top choices:
    • Charles de Fere Blanc de Blancs from Charles de Fere is an affordable, yet delicious, effervescent choice.
    • Veuve Clicquot is another great ice-breaking option. It's slightly more expensive but well-worth the cost.
  • Turkey-Pairer. Most likely, there will be a big bird starring on the stage of your Thanksgiving dinner. Wine is fantastic because bold yet fresh and floral flavors pair well with poultry. Our pick?
  • White Wine When Dinner's Ready. Cranberry Red won't be for everybody, so if you have guests that are yearning for white wines, have a selection of local white wines on hand.Which would we choose?
    • Nashoba Valley Winery in Boston has a huge selection of white wines. The Gewurztraminer and Chardonnay are always great choices to put with poultry.
  • Delicious Dessert Wine. One of the best parts of any meal is the item that delivers that final sweet flavor. Turtle Creek Late Harvest Cab Sav is an incredible dessert wine, which utilizes the perfect apples that grow in Massachusetts by slowly fermenting in incredibly cold temperatures, preserving the delicate flavors.
  • Hops for this Happy Holiday.Not everybody is a wine drinker, and that's okay! There are tons of beers that are perfect for ringing in the cooler weather with their spice-filled spectrums. Our favorites?
    • If you're in need of a big name, you can still stay true to your Massachusetts roots by picking from a selection of Sam Adams' finest. The Sam Seasonal is a perfect pairing for food this time of year, and the original Boston Lager is something almost everybody knows.
Planning on pairing your dinner with a tasting of your wine finds? Remember to go lightest to darkest so you don't impede on your guests' taste buds! If you need help finding the right wines for your Thanksgiving dinner, don't hesitate to stop in and see us! Our team of experts is always happy to help you find the right grape hues to accompany your harvest dinner!
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