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The Perfect Pair [Beer Edition] - A Guide to the Best Food and Beer Pairings

In a holiday season where everyone is thinking of wine and food pairings, we’ve got all you beer lovers covered! We’re walking you through the perfect beer and food pairings so you don’t have to guess anymore. Take a look at part one in our Beer and Food Pairing Series that will make sure your delicious meal complements your thirst-quenching beer. In this series, we are pairing Porters, Pilsners, Saisons, and Kettle Sours. Take a look at our infographic below and read the blog post for more details on each pairing! 

Porter Meets Barbecue!

If you’re looking to enjoy a beer that tastes like chocolate and roast, but you don’t want the intense acid or burnt flavors that appear in Stout, Porter is the beer for you. This beer pairs perfectly with smoked meats and barbecue. So the next time you’re celebrating with a small get-together (or virtual hangout), fire up the barbecue and enjoy a large glass of your favorite Porter!

A Porter History Lesson

The Porter has a 4.8 - 6.5% ABV and is a heavy style of beer that originated in London, England in 1722. This beer made the journey across the pond to Ireland and Guinness in 1776, then traveled to America, Russia, and the Baltic countries in the 1800s.

The Porter of Today

Today, the porter is a favorite of beer drinkers all over the world. People love the range of flavors, from hints of sweet chocolate and roast to bourbon barrels with notes of rich sugars. If you aren't familiar with the style, there is no time like the present to pick some up and give it a try!

Our Favorite Porters

    The Ideal Comfort Combination: Pilsner and Roasted Chicken

    If you’re interested in having a comfortable night in, a Pilsner is your beer of choice! Pilsners have a floral, perfumy hops aroma and flavor. Roasted chicken and pork dishes balance the crisp bitter finish of the Pilsners to make a match made in heaven for a relaxing night.

    A Pilsner History Lesson

    The Pilsner has a 4.2 - 5.2% ABV, and is a crisp, clean style beer that originated in Pilsen, Czech Republic in 1839. After it was released, this beer made quite the trip. With the creation of the European railroads, it traveled through Bavaria, Northern Germany, and across Europe. This beer would then go on to conquer the world. 

    The Pilsner of Today

    Since its creation, there have been many varieties of Pilsners, such as German Pilsner, Belgian Pilsner, American Pilsner, and more. But all the varieties have something in common: a hoppy aroma and flavors that are beloved all around the world. This beer is a must-try!

    Our Favorite Pilsners

    Add Spice to Your Meals with Saison and Soft Cheese

    Are you ready for a beer that you can enjoy with a variety of different foods? Saison beer is here for you! With its fruity esters and peppery phenolic notes, Saison beer gives you an eclectic mix of both herbs and spices. Create an appetizer spread of soft cheeses and treat your guests to an entree of turkey, chicken, tenderloin roast, lamb, or pork chops. You can even add in a little spice to your dishes—all without having to switch out the beer!

    A Saison History Lesson

    The Saison has a 5 - 7% ABV and is a delicious mix of fruity and spicy, originated in Wallonia, Belgium in the 1700s. This beer brews in the cooler season and would traditionally mature throughout the winter, becoming ready in time for farmers to enjoy after a long day of work in the summer.

    The Saison of Today

    After its first brewing roots, the Saison, or farmhouse ale, became very popular among American craft brewers, where it is still brewed today. You can also try the French version of the beer, which is enjoyed by many given its flexibility to accompany many different types of foods!

    Our Favorite Saisons

    A Twist on the Ordinary with Kettle Sour and Dark Chocolate

    Maybe you’re the type of person who is interested in beer but would prefer a less traditional and more fruity flavor? Kettle sour is the perfect choice for you! Its variety of flavors include blueberries, blackberries, and vanilla. Dark chocolate and kettle sour are the perfect match, especially as your curl up on a couch to indulge in your favorite movie! 

    A Kettle Sour History Lesson

    The Kettle Sour has around a 3.7% ABV and is full of fruity varieties, originated in Belgium in the late 1700s. Instead of its counterpart—a traditional Sour beer—the people brewing Kettle Sour beers made alterations to ensure the beer would be ready in weeks instead of months. In America, people took to Kettle Sours as an introduction to a whole new type of beer. Since then, this beer has grown in popularity throughout the world.

    The Kettle Sours of Today

    Kettle Sours provide a beer for the non-beer drinkers of the world—and its popularity is still on the rise! If you are interested in testing out your taste buds with these beers, it’s great to order flights to experience all of the varieties.

    Our Favorite Kettle Sours

    Beer and Food: A Match Made in Heaven

    In a changing world where we’re staying home more than ever, it’s important that you enjoy what you eat and drink! It’s time for your beer and food to work together like the perfect pair. Whether you’re in the mood for a chocolatey Porter and barbecue or you want to relax with a Pilsner and roast chicken, dinner time is sure to be a treat. No matter your beer preferences, the perfect combination is out there for you. Try out these pairings and let us know what you think!

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