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The Top 5 Reasons to Drink Craft Beer

Remember when you were in college and drank mass market beer and bottom shelf vodka so that you could have a weekend of fun on the cheap? So do we. As your palate becomes more discerning, though, we recommend putting the days of mass market beer behind you in favor of something far better: Craft Beer. Here are five of the best reasons to drink craft beer.
    1. It Tastes Better. Whether your chosen craft beer is sweet, bitter, dark, or something else, craft beers are uniformly flavorful. This is because craft beer companies use high quality ingredients that you can really taste. Inexpensive, mass market beers often taste watery—not a desirable beer flavor!

    1. It’s Got More Alcohol. Looking for a nice buzz to take the edge off of a long day? A craft beer is the way to go. While craft beers vary greatly in shape, size, taste, ingredients, and brand, they all boast a higher percentage of alcohol! A typical craft beer ranges from 5-10% alcohol by volume (abv), but certain craft beers can reach over 20% abv. Mass market beers, conversely don’t pack as much of a punch, containing an average of 2.5% abv.

    1. You Can Mix It Up. Craft beers break up the monotony of life. With over 1,600 craft breweries throughout the US alone, there is never a shortage of options for your next libation. Craft beers also have seasonal options that give drinkers something to look forward to with each coming season.

    1. It Gives You an Excuse to Get Away. Everyone loves a long weekend away, right? Did you know that drinking craft beer is the perfect reason to take a weekend getaway? That’s because breweries encourage their fans and beer aficionados to stop by, see their facilities, and enjoy a beer tasting. With so many breweries in the US, visiting a new brewery can give you a great excuse to take a trip virtually anywhere. Not looking to venture too far from home? Not to worry! Most Americans live within 10 miles of a brewery, so day trips are another great option!

    1. They Give You Something to Talk About. Craft beers can be a huge conversation beers. From drinks called “Arrogant Bastard Ale” to “The Great, Big Kentucky Sausage Fest” to “Yeastus Christ,” just the name of a craft beer can make you smile and serve as a conversation piece.

The reasons listed above are some of our favorite reasons to drink craft beer. Looking to try a craft beer for the first time? Are you a craft beer drinker looking to broaden your horizons? Wachusett Wine & Spirits has a 1,000 square foot Beer Cave that has an enormous selection of craft beers sure to satisfy your particular tastes. Stop by and have a cold one today!
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